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Where Do Your Sponsorship Dollars Go?


It's easy to show a pie chart like this.  Let us explain how the 85% and the 15% are spent.  In short, 85% goes directly to pay expenses for the child.  The remaining 15% is spent on administrative and operational expenses in both the US and Uganda, expenses that are necessary to make sponsorship possible.

Sponsored Child Expenses

When your sponsorship donations come in, we put 85% in the fund for the location where the child is sponsored.  For example, if your child is sponsored through the Salem Children's Centre, $85 of your $100 donation goes into the Salem Children's Centre fund.

Each month we send money to Uganda to pay for the children's needs.  These needs include tuition, transportation, food, clothing, books and study materials, school requirements and more.  We work with our employees and the pastors to manage these expenses and ensure payment.  This team of  caregivers makes sure the students have what they need and are doing what is necessary for the educational success of the child.

By far the largest expense is tuition.  The vast majority of your sponsorship dollars go towards paying for the child's education.


The other 15% of your monthly donation goes towards administrative expenses, here in the US as well as in Uganda.  We have normal business expenses such as US salaries, taxes, insurance, accounting fees, postage, bank fees, etc.  We also have Ugandan expenses which include Uganda salaries, transportation, insurance, cell phone minutes and data.  

Other True Impact Expenses

Other expenses are managed from separate funds through donations made directly to those funds, not from your sponsorship dollars.  These include Medical expenses, Higher Education expenses above and beyond a sponsor's donations, Mission Trip expenses, building projects and Fundraising expenses like advertising for the Fun Run and putting on the Celebration.

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