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In 2008 we built an addition onto the primary school in Nkonya, Uganda, a Maranatha School.

The completed 2nd addition to the school in Nkonya built in 2008.

Nicole, Susie and Victoria are greeted by the kids at the school in Nkonya.

Andy and Patrick happy to be with children!

Arik and his Nkonya buddies.

Nicole is a preschooler magnet!

Arik draws a rainbow for the Nkonya kids during their recess.

Andy taking a break from building to hang out with his friends.

Arik demonstrates how to throw a Frisbee while Mark takes some video.

Andy working on the school.

Our family visited the high schoolers in Mityana.

The Stewarts visit their friend Frank at his store.

Mark, Susie, Arik and Nicole teaching a song to the kids of Kigalama.

Susie, Victoria and Arik act out the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

Nicole passes out stickers to the kids of Kigalama.

The Stewart family in front of the Nkonya school and construction site for the addition.

The school children at Nkonya with our team members.

Susie bringing clothes to a family in need.

The Stewarts with Pastor Alex Businge in Naama in front of the completed orphanage.

Susie speaks to the children of Naama.

The children of the Naama orphanage.

The beautiful orphanage in Naama.

Visiting Murchison Falls with the Walusimbi family.

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