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Vacation With Purpose

Most years we take a team of volunteers to Africa to build a much-needed structure, to bring donations, to encourage, to be changed. You can’t go on one of these trips and not be changed. We go to serve people in Africa, but we end up being the ones blessed. We are blessed by the hospitality, the warmth, the culture, the lessons learned. Each year we take 25 people or less. The cost of our trips is usually under $4,000 per person, which includes all trip expenses except vaccinations and visas. Most team members raise their funds through a letter to family and friends, or they do creative fundraising events. We have taken people ranging in age from 8 to 70. We welcome expertise in the areas of education, medicine, construction, music, etc. but these are not required. We just need people willing to serve and be open to new experiences! 

“God doesn’t call the equipped — he equips the called.”

If you are interested, please Contact Us and we will get you an application.

2020/2021/2022 Vacation With Purpose

What a great feeling to finally take a team to Uganda after almost three years.  This team got to see the children return to school after schools were closed for almost two years because of the pandemic and lockdown.  We did crafts, skits and watched them sing and dance.  Our project this year was a security wall at Salem Christian School (formerly Truth).  Thank you for your prayers getting us there and back home again.  More Pictures.

2019 Vacation With Purpose
2019 Team.JPG

Another year, another great trip.  Our group of 17 visited True Impact Ministries locations in and around Mityana and Masaka.  We spent time with the children at each location, playing football (soccer) and other games.  We also did lots of crafts.  This year we helped build a boy's dormitory at Salem Christian School (formerly Truth). 

We want to thank you all for your prayers and your contributions. 

We couldn't do this without our Lord's guidance and your support.

Click here for pictures

Click here for Safari, Nile and Murchison Falls pictures

Click here for drone pictures and video at Salem Christian School

Boys dorm.jpg
2018 Vacation With Purpose

What a trip.  Our group of 26 visited all True Impact Ministries locations.  We spent time with the children at each location, playing football (soccer) and other games.  We also did crafts and held Bible study classes.  The culmination of our trip was our first visit to Salem Christian School (formerly Truth).  We raised money and helped build a girl's dormitory that was dedicated to the memory of Susie Stewart.  We want to thank you all for your prayers and your contributions.  The God of Wonders is using them for great things.


Click here for pictures and more details about what we did. 

See the video.

girls dorm.png
2016 Uganda Team Trip

Our June 2016 Team Trip was amazing!  We had a team of 26 people from different parts of the U.S, ranging in age from 8 to 81!  We held a medical clinic for over 1,000 people, raised money for and helped construct the second school building for Immanuel Children's Education Centre, did Bible clubs for kids, and more!  We are so grateful to those who gave of their time and resources for this trip.  And thank you to everyone who prayed for us and for the ministry.  We were treated with beautiful hospitality in Uganda, as usual, and came back changed for the better.  Praise God for all He did and continues to do!


Check out more information and see lots of pictures here.

2015 Uganda Team Trip

We thank God for the opportunity to travel to Africa as a team of 35 people!  Our pastor partners and hosts were more than hospitable and our time with the children of our homes and schools was so special.

TIM's project this year was a children's dormitory for Maranatha Integrated Schools in Nkonya, Uganda.  
The Lord provided $40,000 for this project!  Our team members were able to help with some of the construction of this building, mixing mortar, along with carrying and laying bricks.  We also held a large medical clinic in Wandawa.

Check out more information and see lots of pictures here.

2014 Uganda Team Trip

23 people were part of our team this year, traveling from Colorado, Texas, Illinois, and Mississippi!  Sarah Elbing, who had been in Uganda for 5 months already, joined our team when we got there, and Marilyn Vlahos stayed in Uganda after the trip for a 3-month period with Maranatha Integrated schools.

Our team project this year was the Immanuel Children’s Education Center where the children from our Immanuel Children’s Home go to school, along with others from the community.  The team raised money for and helped construct this important classroom building.  We also visited Maranatha Schools in Mizigo, Nkonya and Kigalama, along with a visit to our Salem Children Centre in Naama, and The Michelle & Julia Hoffman Memorial Children’s Home in Njeru.  Our team got to be part of a 4 hour (yes, that’s right) church service and Patrick Walusimbi’s 60th birthday party!  


To see a video of our trip click here.

2013 Uganda Team Trip

In 2013 we traveled with 21 people.  In Uganda, we built an addition to our  Immanuel Children’s Home in Wandawa, as well as a water well there at the home.  The team also visited the village of Gitombo, Kenya.

Check out more information and see lots of pictures here.


A team of 21 people set out to Uganda March 24th through April 6th.  The team members come from Colorado, Mississippi, North Carolina, and even Oman!  We raised funds for a school building in the impoverished village of Kigalama.  While in Uganda, we helped with some of the construction of this school and spent time with the school children.  We visited other Maranatha Christian Schools and also the two orphanages we serve in Naama and Wandawa.  Some of our team members are sponsors who had the chance to meet their kids!  100s of pounds of donated items were brought for people in need.  At the end of the two-week trip, the team headed to Paraa Safari Lodge at Murchison Falls for the tourist part of the trip.  It was an amazing, memorable time for our team members, serving the people of Uganda in a tangible way.

Fall 2011

In the Fall of 2011 Andy Stewart and Larry Shoemaker went on a fact-finding trip to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Read more and see pictures here.

Dr larry 2011.jpg
Spring 2011

In 2011 we built a commercial kitchen and water project for Salem Children Centre in Naama, Uganda.  Check out more pictures here.

salem kitchen.jpg

In 2010 we built a teacher dormitory for Maranatha Schools in Nkonya, Uganda.  

Check out more pictures here.    See the Uganda Trip 2010 video.

Nkonya teachers dorm.jpg

In 2009 we built a primary school in Kigalama, Uganda for Maranatha Schools. Check out more pictures here.

Kigalama early picture.jpg

In 2008 we built an addition onto the primary school in Nkonya, Uganda, a Maranatha School.  Check out more pictures here.


In 2006 we built an orphan home, pit latrine and rainwater collection system for Volunteers of Salem Associates Mission in Naama, Uganda.   Check out more pictures here.


In 2005 a primary school, pit latrine and rainwater collection system was built in Nkonya, Uganda for Maranatha Schools.  Check out more pictures here.

Nkonya original.jpg
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