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Current Projects


True Impact Ministries and our Ugandan partners are always working.  Below are some current projects we are working.  If you are led to assist us in these endeavors, please visit our donation page.  Just enter in the designation which project you wish the donation to go towards.


We began the perimeter wall at Salem Christian School in 2022 when our team visited in March.  Since the team had already used raised funds to build the school building in Kigalama, we did not have enough funds to finish the wall.  Also, while we were there during a rainstorm, part of the wall washed out, requiring drainage changes and rebuilding.  We still need almost $15,000 to complete the wall. 

Salem Christian School is located in a remote village.  The teachers are currently renting apartments nearby.  School leaders would like to renovate the old dormitories into a teachers dormitory.  This will also require building a new latrine for them to use.  We need about $9,000 to complete these renovations.

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We did it!  We bought a bus for Salem Missions to use at the Children's Home in Naama and at Salem Christian School in Nakyenyi.  Thank you for your support.

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Previous Building Projects

True Impact Ministries has raised money for and helped construct multiple school buildings, orphan homes, kitchens, rainwater collection systems, latrines and drilling water wells in Uganda.  Our first school project was phase 1 of a primary school in Nkonya, Uganda, built by our 2005 team. Nkonya is a remote fishing village and the Maranatha Primary School that was built there was the only brick building in the whole village when it was constructed!  That is, until True Impact built a teacher dorm right next door to it in 2010.  Phase 2 of the school building was built by our 2008 team.  And then in 2016 we returned to build a children's dormitory.

Our second school project was Phases 1 & 2 of a Maranatha Primary School in Kigalama, Uganda. Kigalama is a poor, small village full of subsistence farmers. Our 2009 and 2012 teams built this school.

In 2006 and 2011, we completed several projects at the Salem Children's Centre in Naama, Uganda.  Naama is located about 40 miles west of Kampala, Uganda’s capitol, just west of the city of Mityana. We built a children's home, latrine, rainwater collection system and a commercial kitchen. 

True Impact's projects in 2013, 2014 and 2016 centered around the Immanuel Children’s Home and the Immanuel Education Centre located in Wandawa, Uganda. Wandawa is a small village about 60 miles east of  Kampala, just north of Lake Victoria. We built an addition to the children's home and an education centre.

In 2017 True Impact purchased what is now Salem Christian School in Nakyenyi, near Masaka, Uganda.  We started by fixing and painting the school buildings and building a new latrine. Our first major building project there was in 2018 where we built a girl's dormitory.  In 2019 we built a playground and new latrine for the girls and began construction on a boy's dormitory. 

In 2019 we also built a new home, kitchen and latrine for Brian who is supported by Pastor Alex at Salem Children's Centre.  Brian has hydrocephalus (water on the brain).

In 2021 we began construction on a 3-room school building for Maranatha Integrated Schools Project in Kigalama.  The building will eventually be built up to 3 stories and contain 9 school rooms.

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