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In 2010 we built a teacher dormitory for Maranatha Schools in Nkonya, Uganda.  Uganda Trip 2010 Video Click Here

The completed teacher dormitory in Naama built in 2010.

Susie visits with a woman along the road.

The finished teacher dormitory.

The Stewarts with children and adults in Naama after a church service where Andy preached.

Chris at the secondary school in Mityana.

Nancy holds one of the children in Naama.

Kenny shows the kids of Naama some of his soccer moves.

Dwight had kid magnetism!

The Stewart family poses with the secondary school (high school) in Mityana.

A Ugandan child looks admiringly at Rick.

Andy spends some time with kids at the orphanage in Naama.

Rick, John, Monica, Kenny, Susie and Andy get lots of love from the kids at Kyetume.

Eva and Susie talk to the kids at Kyetume.

What joy upon receiving handmade dolls made by Abby Sheffield in the U.S.

Todd hanging out with the teens of Mityana.

Tony is visited by a little cutie in Kyetume.

Monica and Derek are flanked on all sides by cute kids.

Brick-tossing relay.

Nicole leads the kids of Nkonya in a game.

The water pump installed in Nkonya.

The kids at the Naama orphanage.

Our team visits some of the Maranatha schools.

Nicole gives candy to a little girl along the road.

Our team at the teacher dormitory worksite. Top row: Andy, Nicole, Susie, Mike, Nancy, Tony, Brian, Dwight, Chris and Todd. Front Row: Arik, Monica, Derek, John, Rick and Kenny.

The team poses with the school children of Nkonya.

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