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Fall of 2011

In the Fall of 2011 Andy Stewart and Larry Shoemaker went on a fact-finding trip to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Andy in front of the teacher dorm in Nkonya built with our 2010 team.

Larry and Grace, the Headmistress at Maranatha Nkonya.

Kids in the village of Nkonya.

Larry hanging out with Kigalama school kids.

Kitchen at Kigalama school needing replaced.

Kigalama school building built in 2009 with the one needing replaced.

Pastor Alex Businge and Andy in front of the kitchen built for the Naama orphanage Spring 2011.

The sponsored kids of Naama perform for Andy and Larry.

Larry and Andy speaking to the children at Naama’s Salem Children Centre.

Boys at the Naama Salem Children Centre display shirts made by the kids at Hope Community Church in Denver.

Andy busts a move for amazed kids in Naama.

Dr. Larry examining one of the children while in Naama.

Andy and the children needing sponsorship in Wandawa, Uganda.

Wandawa orphanage waiting to house children with sponsorships.

Andy draws water with kids on the Nile River in Jinja, Uganda.

Andy and Larry meet with the leadership of Gitombo village in Kenya.

Andy and Larry are treated to singing by the women of Gitombo.

Beautiful scenery in Rwanda.

Rwandan farming.

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