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Spring of 2011

In 2011 we built a commercial kitchen and water project for Salem Children Centre in Naama, Uganda.

The completed kitchen & rain water harvesting system built in Naama in 2011.

Our team at the Naama orphanage building site. Back row: Arik, Nicole, Amy, Andy, John, Dan, Alyssa, Ross and Michael. Front row: Susie, Ugandan friend, Victoria, Jessica, Alex Businge, Ugandan friends, Raphael, and Andy.

Susie hands out gifts to the teachers in Nkonya.

Michael gets a big hug from a student at the school in Nkonya.

Ross and John laying bricks.

Our team in our hotel dining room.

Andy laying bricks.

Amy and her niece Alyssa laying bricks for the kitchen.

John and Jessica taking a break from their hard work on the kitchen.

Andy K. and Arik laying bricks.

Dan surrounded by friends.

Jessica gives the kids a twirl!

John plays a little foursquare with kids in Naama.

Amy with Naama kids.

Susie with Naama friends.

Arik chatting with his longtime friends at the Naama orphanage.

Michael drumming with Naama kids.

Alyssa soaking up her time with the kids at the primary school in Nkonya.

Brothers Dan and Andy greeting kids.

Jessica and Nicole spend time with the youngest residents.

Alyssa blows bubbles for the kids at the Naama orphanage.

Our team visiting the primary school in Mityana.

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