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Our 2015 team trip to Uganda in June was unforgettable!

  We thank God for the opportunity to travel to Africa as a team of 35 people! 
Our pastor partners and hosts were more than hospitable and our time with the children of our homes and schools was so special.

TIM's project this year was a children's dormitory for Maranatha Integrated Schools in Nkonya, Uganda.  
The Lord provided $40,000 for this project!  
Our team members were able to help with some of the construction of this building, mixing mortar, along with carrying and laying bricks.

Our team put on a medical clinic in Wandawa!
Over 3,000 people were seen over 3 days, with both American and Ugandan medical professionals, and all of our team members helped out in various ways.  

Along with the medical clinic, we held education stations on hygiene, nutrition, and more, as well as prayer and Gospel stations.

We passed out medical "Kits for Kids" to families in Wandawa with basic first aid supplies.

We visited all of the TIM children's homes & some of the schools we've built, spending time with hundreds of kids and handing out knapsacks to sponsored kids.

Countless impoverished children were given candy, small toys, soccer balls, Bibles, and stuffed animals in random acts of kindness along dirt roads.

We worshiped in two of our pastor partners' churches -  Matt Wooley and Rich Klepper did a great job preaching on the Sundays we were there.  

Some of the team participated in Maranatha Integrated School's "Hug Ministry"by giving a good morning hug to every kid child arriving at school first thing in the morning.  
It was SO worth getting up before the sun!

Our returning team members spoke to a children's Sunday school class, encouraging the children in their walk's with the Lord.  

We gave solar lights to our Immanuel Children's Home, made by Nokero and donated by a friend of the ministry.  These lights represent the only electrical power in the village. 

Our team visited many classrooms in the schools TIM serves, and some of our team members taught in some of the classrooms.

We took a boat ride on the Nile River at it's source where it comes out of Lake Victoria and saw some Vervet monkeys.

Our whole Board of Directors met with our Ugandan pastor partners, along with our Director of Operations in Uganda.  We were so blessed to be able to all be together in one place and discuss the future of this ministry.  

Each morning and evening our team got together and shared our individual stories and had devotionals and prayer together.  This team was very supportive and caring of one another and lifetime bonds were created. 

THANK YOU to our team members,
to our financial and prayer supporters,
and to our partners in ministry in Uganda!!

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