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Make a True Impact 
With Your Donation!

"Let us not love with words or speech, but with action and in truth." 1 John 3:18

A few of our donors have told us that donating stock is their preferred way to give because it does not cut into their disposable income or cash assets.  Donating stock may allow you to get a tax deduction on the market value of the appreciated stock while not having to pay capital gains tax on redeeming the stock. You may want to meet with your tax advisor to ask questions, but completing the stock donation is very easy.


To donate, you simply click the “Donate Stock Now” button below.  You will be directed to our page on Stock Donator.  We are using them because they make donating stock easy for you and for us, and their fees are reasonable.

The steps are simple and explained on their website.  You’ll get a confirmation as soon as the transaction is processed. Should you decide to give again next year, your information is saved. This is an easy way to help us and help yourself, too.

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Donating Stock - How it works

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