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Michelle & Julia Hoffman Memorial Children’s Home

True Impact Uganda oversees the Michelle & Julia Hoffman Memorial Children’s Home, which is located in Njeru, Uganda. Njeru is just outside of Jinja, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria where the Nile River has its source. Through generous donors God has provided the land, buildings, high efficiency stoves, a perimeter wall, well and water distribution system for this home. 50 children now live and thrive there. Michelle Hoffman and her 8-year old daughter Julia went home to be with the Lord as a result of a tragic car accident August 17, 2012. Michelle was a preschool teacher who loved children. Julia was everyone’s friend. She had relationships with kids of all ages. Their legacy of love, and of helping children, lives on with this very special home.


True Impact no longer uses the home we built, as the pastor we worked with to lead the children has taken control of the property and turned it into a business for his own profit.  We still support all the children and provide safe places for them to stay when they are not in boarding school.

Most of the children attend a Christian school west of Jinja.  Some of the students are already in vocational studies in Jinja.  All of the students are still supported by True Impact until they graduate.

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Your financial gift to one of these children’s homes or schools or your sponsorship of a precious child can make a huge impact!  Join True Impact in our mission of making an impact in the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.


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