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Maranatha Integrated Schools Project

One of the first pastors that True Impact worked with in Uganda is Pastors Patrick and Eva Walusimbi.  They run four schools in the Mityana area of Uganda.  True Impact has built multiple buildings for them, including the most recent 3 room school building in Kigalama.

Maranatha Primary School in Kigalama

Our second school project was Phases 1 & 2 of a Maranatha Primary School in Kigalama, Uganda. Kigalama is a poor, small village full of sustenance farmers. Our 2009 and 2012 teams helped build this school.


In 2021, we added another building, a 3-room school building.  Our goal is to eventually replace the old wooden structure which has five school rooms in it. 

As part of building the school building, we replaced the old latrine with a new one behind the school building and built a new kitchen in a new location.

The school building is planned to eventually be a three story building with a total of nine classrooms.  This will be a shining star in the small village and should attract a lot of new students.


Phases 1 & 2 of Maranatha Integrated Schools Project in Kigalama, Uganda

Maranatha Primary School in Nkonya

Our first school project was phase 1 of a primary school in Nkonya, Uganda, built by our 2005 team. Nkonya is a remote fishing village and the Maranatha Primary School that was built there was the only brick building in the whole village when it was constructed! That is, until True Impact built a teacher dorm right next door to it in 2010. Phase 2 of the school building was built by our 2008 team.

Phases 1 & 2 of Maranatha Integrated Schools Project in Nkonya, Uganda

Teacher Dormitory in Nkonya, Uganda

Maranatha Integrated Schools Project - Mizigo

The Mizigo school is right in Mityana.  The have both a primary and a secondary school there.  True Impact has not built any buildings there, but we do sponsor students who attend the school.

D - Maranatha Mizigo 2.JPG

Maranatha Integrated Schools Project - Kyetume

Kyetume is another small village made up of fishing and subsistence farmers.  The school is made up entirely of temporary wooden structures.  True Impact has sponsored several children who have attended this school.


Your financial gift to one of these children’s homes or schools or your sponsorship of a precious child can make a huge impact!  Join True Impact in our mission of making an impact in the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.


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