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Salem Christian Day & Boarding
Nursery and Primary School

The school in Nakyenyi was started by another organization based in Golden, CO.  Due to issues with immoral in-country leaders, that organization was no longer able to continue.  They asked True Impact if we would help.  True Impact purchased the school and the land in 2017 and opened it up as Truth Christian School. 

At that point, True Impact began making improvements to the property.  With the help of others, we have painted the buildings, built a new latrine, built a girl's dormitory and latrine, built a new playground and built a boy's dormitory.

Now we are on to the next great stage for the school.  True Impact turned over the school and the neighboring farmland to Pastor Alex Businge and Salem Missions.  They have been working with the teachers and parents and school officials to reopen the school in January of 2022 under the name Salem Christian Day & Boarding Nursery and Primary School.

Since taking over, Salem Missions has met with teachers and parents to make a plan for the school.  They implemented repairs to all the buildings and playground equipment and planted new crops on the farmland.  Below are some pictures from our previous trips there as well as pictures from the updates from Salem Missions. 

Salem Christian School - Classroom buildings and an office/storage room building to the left.  The old kitchen is the shed front-center.

Girls dorm.JPG

This is the new girls dormitory built in 2018.  

The boy's dormitory was started in the Team Trip in 2019.  Salem Missions was able to put the finishing touches on it in early 2022 to be ready when school started.


This is the security wall, started by the team on March 2022.  We are still working on finishing construction of the wall.

Updates at Truth T.jpg

These are pictures of the renovations and supplies for the school.

People at Salem School .png

Pictures of parents, children, teachers and leaders of the new Salem Christian School.

Truth map.png

Click map to view interactive Google maps.

Your financial gift to one of these children’s homes or schools or your sponsorship of a precious child can make a huge impact!  Join True Impact in our mission of making an impact in the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.


Boys dorm.jpg
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