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Honoring Susie Through True Impact

Susie Stewart loved the people of Uganda and began serving them in 2005.  In 2011, she co-founded True Impact Ministries and served as our president until she lost her battle with cancer on March 7, 2018.  The following tribute is from her daughter, Nicole Stewart.

Tribute to Mom

August 11, 2018

While on this earth, my mama loved Jesus with a fierce and loyal love. She sought Him out with tenacity and humility, for she knew that His kingdom and His purposes were the most real and meaningful call to live for. And His voice beckoned her to a life of ministry. She was a bold woman who knew the words of God and knew the value for which God placed upon each human life. It was her delight to gather and take in those who needed a refuge place of shalom. Her compassion and energy was poured out through advocating for the poor, pursuing the forgotten, and praying on bended knee for God to provide for those in need. Her life was consumed by her devotion to Christ and service for others, and her impact was truly remarkable.


I had the privilege of watching the way that True Impact developed. My mama and I got to experience Uganda for the first time together in 2005 with my dad and brother. My parents had felt a very insistent urging from God to start ministry in Uganda and decided to act upon this through the building of our first school. After many years of work in Uganda, my parents co-founded True Impact Ministries in 2011. My mom was instated as the first president, and this became her full time job. I had the privilege of seeing first hand the diligence and passion my mom held in her heart to do this job well. She spent so much time mediating, communicating, intervening, and loving the people in Uganda. And this was her mission until the day she died. I honor her in what she did, who she was, and the work she accomplished for the Lord. She touched each project and life, and her fingerprints will remain.

Since my mom went to be with Jesus, my perspective of the ministry has shifted slightly. Now that I am a partial orphan, a motherless child, my heart has been grieved that much more for my brothers and sisters in Uganda. I now know the depth of lament and need in a grieving child’s heart. We are all in need of a loving heavenly Father who never leaves us nor forsakes us. He is gracious and gentle and mighty to care for us. And He will continue to glorify Himself in the work He carries out, through True Impact and the service of those who will continue after my mom.


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