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2019 Vacation with a Purpose

Our group spent four and a half days in the Mityana area.  We visited all four Maranatha Integrated Schools Project locations and

also visited Salem Children's Centre.  

We were surprised in Mityana by the Mayor of Mityana and Eva from Maranatha Schools.  Each team member planted their own tree, with a sign signifying who provided the tree.  Every time we return, we can check out the trees.

After a days drive across the equator, we spent three days at Truth Christian School, where we played with children and laid bricks for the new boy's dormitory.

Check out drone pictures and videos here.

We then journeyed to Murchison Falls and went on a safari and boat ride on the Nile where we witnessed more of God's beautiful creation.  Pictures here.

2019 Drone Videos at Truth Christian School

Below are some pictures and videos from a drone taken during our

Vacation with a Purpose trip in June 2019.

The videos have no sound.

2019 Safari

Below are some of the many pictures and a few videos from our safari, boat ride on the Nile and visit to Murchison Falls.

The mulches  :)

The mulches :)

2019 Drone Videos
2019 Safari Pictues
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