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January 2022 Second Tuesday Prayer

Please join True Impact Ministries in our united, worldwide, day of prayer.

January 11, 2022

Sing to God. Sing praise to his name; Prepare a way for him who rides on the clouds. His name is The Lord- Be glad in his Presence. God, who lives in his sacred temple, cares for orphans and widows. He gives the lonely a home to live in… Praise the Lord who carries our burdens day by day; he is the God who saves us. Psalm 68: 4-6a, 19


The kids in Uganda started school Monday, January 10, 2022. Uganda underwent the longest closure of schools in the world, 2 years of schools being closed. Students were sent home, many having to find work to help support themselves and their families. Teachers were forced to find other work to support themselves. Today, doors are open and welcoming students of all grade levels.

Sing to God. Sing praises to his name! Thank THE LORD for who he is and for answered prayer. Pray for His Presence and love to be known by each sponsored child as they begin or return to school.

Thank God that he has protected and provided for the orphans and widows during this long time of widespread illness and uncertainty.

Praise God that he has established homes for families and students served by True Impact Ministries and that he provides daily bread.

Thank God for restoring and developing the newly established Salem Christian School in Nakyenyi. Thank him for the Christmas celebrations and encouragement provided in December at each ministry site. Thank him for the parties, gatherings, and leadership-led seminars to provide hope and blessing to the students. Our Leaders in Uganda are amazing!


Ask for strength, motivation and encouragement as the students return to school. Pray also for the teachers who are returning to the classroom. May each one stay healthy and prepared to move forward with new hope and determination.

Pray for travel for the Denver area team scheduled to visit Uganda in March, that travel would be safe and allowed. Pray also for Director Dave's trip in January, that he have safe travels and good meetings with all our employees and partners in Uganda.

Pray for needed funds: for higher education, for increased ongoing sponsorship, and for resources to build safe homes and protected schools to serve the vulnerable and lonely.

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